Holiday Break-Ins On The News Leaving You Feeling Less Secure In Your Home? 3 Ways To Ward Off Holiday Thieves

While the holiday season is filled with fun and excitement for many, you may lose that care-free holiday feeling when you turn on the local news and watch a report about the latest homes that have been broken into. Thieves never forget that when the holidays are arriving, many homes are filled with high-value gifts that they would love to get their hands on. The break-in risk doesn't end when the holidays do either; thieves know that while homes are filled with gifts that have not yet been given to their recipients before the holidays, they are also filled with gifts that have already been exchanged right after them. Read on to learn three important ways to ward off holiday thieves, so you can feel safe and secure in your own home again. 

1. Practice Caution When Storing Your Holiday Gifts At Home

While thieves will not hesitate to try to break into any home they suspect may be filled with holiday gifts, leaving your gifts intended for their recipients you care about in a location that can be seen from outside your home is like inviting thieves to come steal them. If a crook can see gifts in your home and they just suspect your neighbor's home may be filled with them,, then the decision as to which home to break into is then much easier for them to make. 

Instruct your entire family to store their holiday gifts in their closets, your windowless basement, or any other areas of your home that cannot be seen from outdoors until they exchange them with loved ones before and after they are wrapped. 

Also, take caution if you typically place your children's gifts "from Santa" under the holiday tree before you go to bed on Christmas Eve night; depending on what time you go to bed, this pile of gifts in one location makes stealing them an easy task for a holiday thief breaking into homes on the night before Christmas. If your holiday tree is located in a room with a window, then either set your alarm to wake up before the children and set out their gifts from Santa before they awaken or at least make sure the window blinds and curtains in that room are shut tightly; once they are shut, take a look into the window from outside to make sure the gifts are not visible from outdoors. 

2. Bring in Gifts After Shopping and Accept Holiday Packages Discreetly

While, during the holidays, some thieves do choose which homes to break into quickly after glancing inside and seeing gifts or noticing a home they suspect may be filled with high-value gift-givers, many watch their victims to learn their habits before they break in. During the rest of the year, most home burglars track their targets ahead of time to learn their schedules and find out when no one is home, which will be an easy time for them to break in without getting caught. However, during the holiday season, thieves also watch the family members to see if they are bringing lots of shopping bags into their homes ($$$ for them) or receiving many packages filled with gifts from shipping companies. 

Even if you take great care to hide gifts well once they are inside your home, it may already be too late if a thieve watched you carry in shopping bags and saw your home receiving many packages all month long. 

Instruct your entire family to carry their holiday shopping bags in your home discreetly. For example, if you have garage, instruct anyone buying gifts to pull into it and then shut the garage door before carrying their gifts into the home. 

If your family performs more online shopping than shopping at local stores, then have them ship their gifts to your office where you can then bring them into your home discreetly or rent a P.O Box at your local post office where all of your family's shipments can be stored until one of you pick them up. The worst thing to do is let packages sit on your doorstep in plain site for hours; if you must have packages delivered to your home, then instruct all postal carriers and shipping companies to place them in a discreet location away from plain view outdoors. 

3. Have a Good Security System Installed or Update Your Current One

Even if you follow all of the steps you can to avoid making your home an easy target for holiday thieves, the truth is that many are out in full-force during the holiday season, and after it ends, and just break into home after home until they finally get caught. Many people who were once law-abiding citizens even become thieves during the holiday season due to the stress that they have to "make ends meet" after purchasing gifts for their families that leads to mental breakdowns. 

The easiest way to persuade thieves to simply pass onto the next home and leave yours alone is to have a good security system installed. Many will move right on once they see your alarm company stickers and an outdoor surveillance camera, but others who are not deterred by these items may be once they hear the loud alarm your security system emits when they attempt to break into your home. When you choose a monitored residential security system, the alarm will not only help scare the intruder away, but also alert the local police who can then catch the thief in the act and finally put their crime-spree to an end. 

Other features to look for in a new home alarm system include glass break detectors, indoor motion detectors, and indoor surveillance cameras. When you choose a system that allows remote access through a smartphone app, you can also make sure the system is armed when you are away from home and worry that the children may not have armed it or even get a glimpse a the video a surveillance camera is currently capturing to give you peace-of-mind when your family is at a Christmas Eve celebration and you are having trouble relaxing knowing that all of those gifts in your home were left alone. For more information, contact a business such as Tele-Plus.

For many people, the holiday season is fun and exciting. For others who have had their homes broken into and their gifts stolen, it reminds them of that heart-breaking year. If you are feeling less secure about the safety of your family and are beginning to worry that those holiday gifts will be stolen while your family is away from home due to local holiday break-in reports on the local news, then follow these three tips to help keep your family, home, and gifts more secure. 

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